Befogadlak Saturday with the Jesuits

2020 Oct 12

In Saturday the Befogadlak was loud again from the children’s noise. We got to know some special guests: the Jesuits who visited us from Budapest.

The children could take part on some very special program: there was craft activity where those who wanted to create could make wonderful pictures from natural materials, those interested could try wood carving, learn new songs in the music corner, and even learn more about the Jesuits and the life of St. Ignatius.

In the gym hall, football fans found the real refreshment: the goals flew all day, the referee could not count. The great, warm weather lured the kids to the yard, where they had lots of fun during different team games. For lunch pizza was waiting for the tired little kids, then after lunch everyone started preparing for the Mass.

In the gym hall, the joy of scoring was replaced by the sound of guitar and singing, and Mass began, which was a special experience for everyone. All that was left after the Mass was to evaluate the day and say goodbye.

Every children were happy to attend this great day and they all deserved a little trifle as a reward. Waving gratefully, they left the Befogadlak with a smile on their faces.

We are grateful to the Jesuits for their participation, for the Mass presented, and for the many experiences we received during the day.

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