Church visit with year 1

2021 Jan 15

New year, new zest!

Below you can read the report of Aniko Bus, who helps those children who come to us to study in the afternoon. She organised the visit with the parish priest Christian Bardos to the church in Arlo. 

“We have been learning about the church with our year one students since the beginning of Advent, talking about the House of God and the equipments in it. As Christmas was approaching we decided that it would be great to get to know the church in Arlo. So we asked Father Christian to show us the beauties of the church.


On the long-awaited day we were very busy: first we recalled what we had learned about the church and then we learned how to behave in the church. At the beginning of the school year we learned how to put the sign of the cross on ourselves. We also knew we had to be quiet in the church because we could experience something much more fantastic in the silence. Before we went to the
church we made a gift for Father Christian: a beautiful drawing of the church.

Father Christian was waiting for us with great love at the church door and he showed us every corners of the church: from the sanctuary to the choir, where Sister Teresa presented us how beautiful the organ was, she told us about Mass and the God in whose house we could walk. We had a special experience as the church was still in its Christmas splendor: we could admire the Christmas tree and even the nativity scene where we could name everyone.


After seeing the church it was great to rest in the sacristy, where Father Christian was waiting for us with chocolate and advised us to visit the house of God other times as well. We are very happy to comply with his request because we have had a great time and want to spend even more time in the house of God.”

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