Night of the After School Educational Clubs (Tanoda) in Arlo

2020 Sep 25

This year we have prepared time capsules with 30 children and 11 young people during the Night of the Tanodák.
The program started with a joint game, continued with loud laughs and than everyone favorite, the glitter tattoo followed.
After the game, we started preparing our messages for ourselves in 5 years time.
We have described who our friends are now, what we love to do, who our favorite singer is and our favorite songs are, and what we desire in the future, what kind of work and life.
As we finished, we put them into a box one after the other, which we carefully sealed and labeled BEFI 2020 for the younger ones, 2025 for the older ones.
Before we started digging, we ate and drank together and then once again jointly we dug the boxes in the garden, waiting for 2025 to dig them out.


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